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The Future of Work | Operational Excellence

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In less than two weeks, New York City is hosting the largest marathon race not only in the US, but in the world. How fitting since NYC also hosts one of the largest corporate races you participate in daily – the race to be the front-runner in your industry. And as New Yorker’s, we know you not only want to compete, you want win, every single day. And to do this,… Read More

SCORE! (Post) World Cup lessons for businesses

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Thoughts from Colin Dyer – JLL President & CEO, LinkedIn Influencer

Dyer, ColinThe below post was originally shared on LinkedIn by Colin Dyer, who suggested that as opposed to seeing the World Cup as a period of lost business productivity, it could instead be viewed as a month-long management seminar. And even though time has now passed since the German team were crowned champions, the lessons… Read More