Hudson Yards/Manhattan West developments are only a small fraction of Manhattan inventory

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• Once completed, Hudson Yards/ Manhattan West will have 21.1 million square feet of office inventory. Though it may seem very large, the total square footage will only represent 4.7 percent of the Manhattan office inventory.

• If we compared Hudson Yards/ Manhattan West to some of the other large markets in the country, 21.1 million feet would be 14.6% of the Chicago office market, 31.8% of the Boston office market, and 39.4% of the San Francisco office market.

• Since the beginning of the “Hudson Yards/ Manhattan West” era, we have seen 7.6 million square feet of leasing activity in the district. The success of the projects can be credited to greater efficiencies, ample amenities, the desire to be in a “branded” office district and proximity to the 7 train as well as Penn Station.

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