Are educated millennial moms the answer to the employment shortage?

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This month’s unemployment rate is 3.8 percent- a historical low, and for the first time since the statistic has been tracked, there are more unfilled jobs than there are people looking for jobs! The majority of those unemployed are women. Nor surprisingly, more educated women then educated men are unemployed- presumably choosing to stay at home to care for their children.

But the facts are more staggering than you think:

How do we, as a society, help these women return to the workforce and fill all of those job postings? Perhaps the solutions lie in the joint efforts of employers, building owners and the government working together to find the answers.

Companies need to create workplaces that attract mothers. While family-friendly policies like offering flexibility schedules or work from home arrangements have been in place for some time, some companies now offer dedicated mothering rooms and financial assistance with childcare. On-site childcare is viewed as a highly-coveted building amenity for working mothers with young children, so building owners seeking to fill vacancy could consider installing such an amenity. And, if the labor shortage becomes more serious, how will local municipalities, states and the federal government step up?

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