The 15 minute fad coming to your office

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When talking about trends in the workplace, there is one word that is repeated constantly. Collaboration. Employers are tasked with striking a balance between encouraging open communication and teamwork and still maintaining some element of privacy to accommodate the changing demographics taking over today’s’ offices.

Given that a large potion of the modern workforce is young, flexibility is becoming even more important to embrace agile meetings and daily check-ins. These collaboration opportunities foster productivity, efficiency and teamwork. Employees are craving a mix of spaces for various tasks- sapces for everything from focused work and proofreading, to impromptu and informal meetings, to formal meetings with clients to achieve objectives.

At JLL’s new office in Shanghai, we have tried to strike the perfect balance with the 15-minute meeting room. This room is a collaboration area designed for brief “huddle”-like team sessions. But the key is, the lighting system in the room is timed to ensure meetings do not last longer than 15 minutes.

Research shows that the human attention span is between 10 and 18 minutes. Applying this logic, companies like JLL are adopting creative ways to keep meetings quick and to-the-point.

So, what makes our 15-minute meeting room unique?

  • Technology: We incorporated smart technology in the new office to improve staff productivity and user experience. The light in the meeting room goes off every 15 minutes as a reminder that time is up. In case you need to stretch and no one else is in the queue, you can switch the light back on.
  • Ease of use: We have our own booking system, but this room is not on the list. It’s meant to be for come-and-go use so employees can have a quick meeting without having to book it.
  • Energy & focus: The interiors have been thoughtfully done to enthuse energy and stay focused. The walls of the room are bright yellow, very sharp but not to the point that you feel overwhelmed.  There’s a whiteboard to take down important notes.
  • Capacity & comfort: The room is big enough to accommodate about 15 people, which is a typical team size. With no chairs in the room, it’s best fit for stand-up meetings—though there are cushioned wall mounts to lean on.
  • Flexibility: Depending on the usage patterns, you can repurpose the room. For instance, we recently partnered with a startup that created a community service app. In exchange for them giving us community advisory service, we are giving them coworking space in our office, and recently repurposed the 15-minute room for their use. After this trial, we’ll see if we want to go back to using the room only for 15-minute meetings, try another partnership or try something else.

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