Craft Brewers Aid in Revitalizing Communities across New York

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The craft brewing industry in America has exploded in recent years, with 36 states more than doubling their craft beer production from 2011 to 2016, according to The Craft Beer Guidebook to Real Estate from JLL. This growth has played a key role in the transformation of previously abandoned light-industrial buildings and turning barren neighborhoods into flourishing communities. The guidebook provides production and brewery data in New York and other states across the country and identifies the latest trends in local beer hubs.

The craft beer industry has rapidly expanded in New York and leads the Northeast in both the total number of craft breweries and in brewery growth from 2011 to 2016. The state’s brewery count grew by 259.0 percent during this time period. New York is expected to grow its craft brewery population and its barrel production throughout 2017. A significant amount of breweries are planned, and many existing breweries plan to expand their production capacity.

Source: JLL Research, Brewers Association

Areas like Yonkers and Brooklyn in New York have seen tremendous growth and have proactively supported craft brewers, which in turn has created new jobs, built a sense of community and revitalized industrial areas into thriving hubs of culture. Examples like Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg and Yonkers Brewing Co. in Downtown Yonkers have been key components of the revitalization happening in these neighborhoods and both have experienced tremendous success.

To read more about how the craft brewing industry is impacting communities and real estate, download the full report here, and check out the article that was posted on JLL Real Views.