How to find balance between work and play

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In recent years companies have been trying to inject more of the fun factor into the workplace: Slides instead of stairs, swings to help creative ideas “flow,” and game rooms packed with lunchtime entertainment options.

What began as a tech industry trend has gone mainstream. More companies are creating playful space to help people unwind, engage and think outside the box. While modern office design and perks may provide a unique conversation starter—and even a unique selling point for potential employees, some companies are struggling to strike the right balance between work and play.

Colleagues having informal meeting in office gathering space

Many companies are questioning the value of these spaces and they are finding that what worked for tech giants may not work for them. The reason, of course, is culture. All offices need informal spaces for employees to take a break. Not every office needs a pool table.

So, what workplace design trends are worth stealing from tech? Our experts at have decided on a few:

  1. (Semi) open floorplans: strike a balance between collaboration and concentration.
  2. Zones: allow employees to choose their work setting based on their needs and responsibilities.
  3. Flexible infrastructure: your needs will change- be able to adapt with minimal effort and expense.
  4. Unobtrusive technology: technology should enhance workflow, not interfere with it.
  5. Culture through branding: your physical space should echo your company culture and values.
  6. Productive green solutions: sustainability leads to improved health and productivity for your workforce.

To read more about workplace trends, visit and read our whitepaper, Forget the Beanbags, to explore these trends in more detail.