The Future of Work | Operational Excellence

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In less than two weeks, New York City is hosting the largest marathon race not only in the US, but in the world. How fitting since NYC also hosts one of the largest corporate races you participate in daily – the race to be the front-runner in your industry. And as New Yorker’s, we know you not only want to compete, you want win, every single day. And to do this, you need to keep up with the never-ending expansion and contraction of your business units by managing and excelling at the fourth dimension in our Future of Work model: Operational Excellence. Train for your future marathon.

Let our Future of Work help coach you to win your corporate race with these three things to consider:

Practice makes perfect: plan your race strategy

How are you different from your competition and how have you incorporated this into your real estate strategy?

Eye on the prize: identify the finish line

Are your goals meaningful to both your CEO and stakeholders? Are they essential to decision-making in the C-suite?

Teamwork makes the dream work: choose the right people

Who do you need to reach the finish line? What helped in the past and will it help in the future? Does everyone on your team understand what it will take to win the race?

Read more on how to utilize your real estate to achieve Operational Excellence by staying the course, delivering consistently, managing risks and more and win the marathon that you show up for every day.