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Work is changing- from the enhancement of our physical spaces to expectations from both employer and employees. JLL recognizes that. In a visionary look into the changing world of work, JLL presents the Future of Work, our proprietary model explaining our outlook on the evolving landscape and its impact on the next generation of corporate real estate.

The first dimension of our model is the human experience. Now more than ever, people are at the heart of any business enterprise. They hold high expectations for their workplace  and their work holds them in higher regard than ever. The human experience is about how people relate to their work and how their work places relate to them.

Businesses are striving to enhance the work experience for their employees through engagement, empowerment and fulfillment. They are fostering a sense of commitment, a sense of control and a sense of comfort. They are working to create memorable experiences within real estate and using these experiences to differentiate themselves from their competition, in hopes of recruiting the best talent possible.

By using integrated resources, predictive technologies and high-touch experiences in the office, employers are going the extra mile.

A place of work is more than just a property- it’s an ecosystem that can help individuals and businesses achieve their ambitions.


To explore more on the Future of Work, visit the site and explore the human experience here.

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