Enforcement for New NYC Business Recycling Rules Began August 1st

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The NYC Department of Sanitation is leading New Yorkers to contribute zero waste to landfills by 2030. New business recycling rules were published in the City Record on February 5, 2016 and enforcement of these rules began last week on Tuesday, August 1st.

All businesses in New York City are now required to recycle certain materials and to ensure that those recyclable materials are properly handled by their private carters (to their best ability). To comply, your business should contract with a licensed private carter and develop a plan for how waste will be collected and set out for your building. If your building management handles waste, work with them to be sure your business complies with their plan and the City’s recycling rules.

So what can your business recycle and what is considered garbage?


  • Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Beverage Cartons
    • Metal cans and aluminum foil
    • Glass jars and bottles
    • Rigid plastic
    • Mixed metal and plastic objects
    • Beverage cartons
  • Paper
    • Receipts, mail, office paper and folders
    • Newspapers, magazines and catalogs
    • Cardboard


  • Plastic film and wrap, and plastic bags (unless your business is covered by NYS Plastic Bag and Film Wrap law)
  • Foam products
  • Soiled or coated paper
  • Food scraps (unless your business is covered by Commercial Organics law)
  • Furniture

JLL’s new recycling signs throughout our offices at 330 Madison Avenue make it easier for employees to determine what they can recycle and how to sort it. To learn more about the new business recycling rules and tips on how to comply, visit http://on.nyc.gov/business-recycling

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