Technology Firms Wired Over JLL TechSpec

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JLL’s new unique platform, TechSpec, gives technology companies an advantage when it comes to finding and securing the perfect space for growing their business.

Finding an office space that fits a companys’ needs can be a struggle, but it doesn’t need to be thanks to JLL’s new website TechSpec. TechSpec is a revolutionary site that technology companies can visit for help finding the best office space to grow their business. TechSpec offers tech companies a guide to finding new office space, helps them to determine what kind of space will be most beneficial to them, offers articles that are packed with ideas and suggestions that can make the process easier, and even offers the ability to contact a broker with any questions that may arise.

Finding office space can be a daunting task, so JLL TechSpec makes it easier by offering a guide to finding the perfect spot. The guide is a resource that technology companies can use to help with handling lease negotiations, help determine what size space is needed and helps companies to understand how long the process can take. It also offers suggestions for companies whose lease is up or about to expire and those companies who just want to explore what other options are available. The guide breaks the process into three phases: planning, comparing and selecting a space, and completing construction and moving in.

Not only does JLL’s TechSpec assist in finding a new space, but it also helps technology companies decide the type of space that will best suit them. Whether it is a startup company, or a company that is trying to scale up, finding the right fit in terms of office space is critical. A microsite on JLL’s TechSpec called The Square makes this process easy. The Square allows companies to evaluate what is most important to them in an office space and compare it to what other companies in similar stages of growth think. It compares a variety of factors that are critical to consider when selecting a space such as cost, efficiency and convenience. Technology companies can also use The Square to choose the best location by evaluating what areas are most popular for technology companies as well as break down the average asking rent per square foot, and the range of prices companies actually pay per square foot in different markets. These tools allow tech companies to find the office space and office location that will best suit them.

TechSpec not only offers help in finding office space for technology companies, but also offers articles that discuss what other tech companies have done with office space that have worked and offers suggestions to companies trying to find the best way to utilize their space. It offers stories from a variety of markets including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

Technology companies in particular understand how expedient the internet can be, but sometimes a real person is needed to help solve a problem. TechSpec has this covered by allowing users to contact a real live broker with any questions they may have. The brokers listed on TechSpec have a strong understanding of how the technology industry operates and who are more than willing to help and will make sure anyone in need of assistance receives the best available.

If you are trying to get your start up off the ground or trying to expand your thriving business, finding a space that fits your needs is critical to gaining the success you’re striving for. JLL TechSpec makes finding the perfect space easier than it ever has been for technology companies by offering them a plethora of information that can aid in the process. Whether it be figuring out how to get the process started, trying to pin point the best location, or simply looking for suggestions for how to best utilize your space JLL’s TechSpec has all the answers.

To learn more, visit TechSpec or The Square: Tech.