Part Two: Behind the Scenes, Property Management

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This is the SECOND part of a two part interview series, with JLL’s Linda Aronson Leader of the Tri-state property management team. Click here to read part one.


Cutaway Office Building with Interior Design PlanGiven that property management bridges the gap for ownership and tenants, how do you ensure you have the right people on your team?

Our team members are continuously meeting individuals in the market who are interested in joining JLL. From these meetings we create a bench of prospective talent who have been vetted for future opportunities to join JLL. If an opportunity becomes available, we follow up and an onboarding process will eventually commence.

What skills are important for someone to possess interested in property management as a career?

For someone interested in following the property manager career path, critical thinking is important, as well as strong project management and communications skills. This person needs to be able to drive value, and that’s a differentiator for being a great property manager.

The property manager essentially functions as the CEO of a building, and as such needs to understand all aspects of their property. A good property manager should understand the investment strategy of the owner and then execute a management strategy to support that.

What steps do you suggest for someone to take to start a career as a property manager?

Aronson, Linda

Linda Aronson is JLL’s Managing Directior, Tri-State Property Management.

One of the best ways to start is as a property administrator (PA). This position supports the general manager and is often the first point of contact at the property for tenants and vendors.The property administrator juggles multiple tasks throughout the day including contract management, tenant relations initiatives and accounts payable processes. The PA also troubleshoots throughout the day by managing tenant requests in a timely manner.




So the next time you find yourself noticing how clean the elevators are or how well-manicured the lawn and walkway to your office is, just remember there is a highly skilled team of people working hard behind the scenes.

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