New York City is seeing green

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JLL’s Dana Robbins Schneider talks the benefits of retrofitting in the Commercial Observer

Dana Robbins Schneider, JLL Senior Vice President

Dana Robbins Schneider, JLL Senior Vice President

JLL Senior Vice President and energy and sustainability expert, Dana Robbins Schneider, was recently featured in an article in the Commercial Observer by Sara Pepitone, entitled “Green Day: The City and Landlords are Going Green,” which delved into the prediction that sustainability is set to affect almost everyone in New York City real estate.

Noting that in September 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio committed New York City to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent below 2005 levels by 2050, the article reported that new requirements for building owners may not impact too many in the commercial real estate industry, as greening properties has already become a trend and marketing must.

The article made the point that retrofitting an existing building may not be easy but it is possible and doesn’t have to be outrageously costly. To that point, Dana noted:

“Most everyone knows the cost of sustainability is incremental in new builds, but incremental cost applies to existing buildings too because of capital plans.”

“Everyone wants to do the right thing, but we try to make the business case for everything we do. Previously everyone was talking theoretically. Now we have proved the business case for energy retrofits and energy optimization in tenant spaces over and over again.”

As an example, the article highlights one of JLL and Ms Robbins Schneider’s projects – the recent retrofitting success at New York City icon, the Empire State Building, which has led to more than a 38 percent energy reduction thus far.

Dana continued:

“The process pays for itself in terms of the energy. And the icing on the case is rental increases, marketing and positioning of asset. If you don’t do it, you’re simply not competing. All things being equal, tenants are looking for LEED-certified and Energy Star-labeled, high-performing buildings.”

Check out the article in its entirety here.