Buy vs. Leasing in CRE: What’s the best decision for your business?

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Corporate real estate directors are constantly challenged to balance the opportunities of a dynamic capital markets environment with the operational and financial goals of their companies.

Many organizations follow a traditional course and have ownership or leasing strategies driven by longstanding financial policies. Some have implemented proactive strategies for selected properties—such as sale-leasebacks of owned assets or acquisitions of short-term leased assets—to take advantage of the current capital markets environment.

Historically these decisions have been driven by chief financial officers and treasurers, but over the past five years we’ve seen corporate real estate directors take a more active role in surfacing these opportunities, evaluating the various economic, financial accounting and tax consequences, and making recommendations based on their companies’ operating and financial strategies.

Our paper, “A tenant’s guide to evaluating ownership versus lease decisions,” has been compiled to help you better understand the decision-making criteria when it comes to buying or leasing for your entire portfolio, as well as when conducting individual property transactions. It also touches on alternative leasing structures and their potential benefits for your business.

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