Law Firms: Evolving Space Standards

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JLL Video Series: Key trends for Law Firms in New York

Video 2: Evolving Space Standards
Kenneth Siegel explains how changing space standards are being employed by New York law firms as they look to use space more efficiently.

U.S. law firms typically face more supply constrains than companies in nearly any other industry. Why? Law firms typically want offices in premium, Class A space in central locations—the tightest segment of U.S. office markets.

With fewer space options, your firm may find itself battling with competitors not only for clients—but for desired office location as well.

In this five-part video series Kenneth Siegel, International Director and Co-Lead of the New York Law Firm Practice Group, will explore some of the most relevant trends (as reported in JLL’s U.S. Law Firm Perspective) for New York-firms to keep top of mind as they progress toward making occupancy decisions, with a focus on changing space standards and emerging geographic opportunities.

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