2014 Data Center Outlook: Does your organization understand its data center needs?

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The time is now to understand your data center needs, find appropriate space, and establish a monitoring and maintenance system.

Over the last five years, global data center needs have grown exponentially. Today, nearly every business of significant size has external data center needs—and all signs show that demand will only continue to increase. In addition, many organizations are experiencing “accidental data centers” – instances where proper planning hasn’t necessarily taken place and certain requirements for IT, storage and computer uses can cause a data center to grow within a space that it wasn’t initially intended for.

The window of opportunity is open for companies seeking data center space and solutions. Providers are offering 10-15 percent discounts, concessions and tenant improvements on some deals. However, increasing demand and a pull-back on construction mean that by late 2015, the market will tighten and providers will take control.

Our inaugural Data Center Outlook explains how you can navigate the North American data center market holistically, and in core geographies across the continent.

Download your copy, or click through the preview below, to understand your needs, your options, and how to move forward today toward a data-secure tomorrow.