Workplace Strategy: What constitutes value for your business?

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It’s time to focus your workplace productivity strategy where it matters most.


Increasingly, companies are turning to the workplace to find the key to improving employee and business productivity, with many firms investing heavily in strategies designed to better support the work their people do. However, what many companies are failing to consider is whether the work being done actually creates the most value for the organization.

In this paper, “Forget the Workplace… For Now,” JLL’s Workplace Strategy group proposes a new approach that considers which work processes create value for your organization and clients, and then looks at designing a workplace strategy that best supports them. The thinking is that an approach which is structured around what makes your company successful will deliver results that far exceed cost savings, provide measurable outcomes in the areas that really matter for your business, and boost your bottom line.

The paper compels organizations to start the workplace productivity conversation, asking the right questions from the outset:

  1. What constitutes value for your business?
  2. What does the desired experience look like for your clients?
  3. What observable behaviors are required to drive those outcomes?
  4. How can your workplace better enable this behavior?

Read the paper in full for further insights into improving workplace productivity and how your organization can best drive value.