JLL’s Bernice Boucher on 14 ways the workplace is evolving

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Boucher, Bernice_sq_rgbThe lead of JLL’s Workplace Strategy Practice in the Americas, Bernice Boucher, recently authored an article for detailing the 14 workplace trends that she sees to be reshaping corporate cultures in 2014 and beyond.


Says Bernice:

“The workplace is shifting from an ownership model to a membership model, with employers today creating inclusive cultures that drive cross-functional collaboration. These 14 trends are not only affecting workplace culture, they are also impacting the ability to attract and retain top talent, drive innovation, enable worker productivity and reduce corporate real estate costs.”

The 14 trends are as follows:

1. Visualization and the future of work
2. Consumerization of space
3. Return to privacy
4. Compression of space per person
5. Choice-driven performance and innovation
6. The end of command-and-control
7. Innovation over isolation
8. Our jobs are killing us
9. Shift from physical to intellectual space
10. Measuring workplace ROI in real terms
11. From big data to dark data
12. Über-sustainability
13. Return to the city
14. Intrapreneurial Learning

Check out the article at to read more.